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Discover New Hamburg's finest retailer of your favourite chocolate, nut, popcorn, and candy products.

Need snacks? We've got snacks...

At Greb's, we aim to bring your favourite snacks closer to home. These aren't just any snacks - they are the finest snacks made with the highest quality we could bring to New Hamburg.

Picard's Peanuts

Picard's Peanuts, home of the original Chip Nuts, is an Ontario brand that needs little introduction. We carry Chip Nuts, Cookie Nuts, Cocktail nuts, and shelled peanuts! So many flavours to choose from!

Chocolate Sensations

Based out of Paris, Ontario, Chocolate Sensations has you covered when it comes to everything Chocolate.
Chocolate-covered Oreos, Red Licorice, Peanut Butter Cups, are just a few to name of their amazing lineup.

The Original Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn is fun, but candy-coated popcorn is WAY better. You have to try The Original Gourmet Popcorn from Paris, ON. We carry some WILD flavours!

Sugar & Flame

It's time to LEVEL-UP your S'MORE game with Sugar & Flame gourmet, handmade marshmallows from Wellesley, ON. With flavours like: Oreo, Mint Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, and more...


Greb Industries Limited was a shoe and boot manufacturing company based in Kitchener, ON (one of the original factories still stands at the corner of St Leger Street & Breithaupt St).

Greb Shoes may be best known for their popular Kodiak brand work boot, boot supplier to the Canadian Military, license to produce the famous “Hush Puppy” shoe, and purchase of the famous Bauer group of companies in the 1960s. At their peak, Greb Shoes was the largest footwear manufacturer in Canada, employing about 1200 people in Kitchener and another 1100 in Winnipeg, Trois-Rivieres, and Bangor (Maine).

Greb Industries was founded by Charles Greb and his son, Erwin Greb. Erwin was my great grandfather. His son Arthur (my grandfather) and his two brothers; Harry & Charles, ran the company later and were guided by the vision: Quality First. They treated their staff and employees like family.

This local history is something I’ve always been proud of. To show appreciation for and to serve people and my community, I’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur and this store is a small homage to my family and my community of New Hamburg.

The history above is found in a book entitled: “The Greb Story” written by: Tom Briggs & Charles E. Greb, which you can find at some local libraries.


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